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Danum Valley Conservation Area (DVCA) was an informal protected area in the Ulu Segama Forest Reserve of primary, undisturbed, predominantly lowland rainforest with an outstanding complement of Borneo flora and fauna. It was part of the almost one million ha forest concession assigned to Yayasan Sabah. In 1976, WWF-malaysia suggested that the area be declared a national park. The Danum Valley Conservation Area (DVCA) is a 438 sq. km tract. However, Yayasan Sabah Board of Trustess resolved on November 28, 1980, to leave the area within Yayasan Sabah concession but shall leave it unlogged for the purpose of conservation. Thereafter it is known as "Danum Valley Conservation Area".

To facilitate activities related to research. Education, training and wilderness recreation, Yayasan Sabah established the Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC) IN 1986. Located on the edge of Danum Valley Conservation Area, the Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC) is open to both international and local scientists/ researchers, who must first apply in waiting to the sectary, Danum Valley Management Committee.

Danum Valley Field Centre has evolved into one of the foremost rainforest research establishments in South East Asia. The extensive facilities include permanent research plots and an extensive trail system, well-equipped analytical laboratories, computer and email facilities, a library, climatic station data, phenology monitoring data base, trained field staff, vehicles, housing and sports facilities, a Nature Interpretation and Environmental Education Building and a Nature Discovery Centre, several canopy observatation platforms and towers, and a suspension bridge over the Segama River.

Danum Valley Conservation Area is dominated by dipterocarp tress, with the cnopy reaching a height of over 70 metres in some places. Some 90% of the Conservation Area is classified as dipterocarp forest, with the remaining 10% being low canopy, sub-montane forest mainly found on Mt. Danum in the heart of the Conservation Area.

The rare Wallace Flying Frog, soft shelled turtles, skinks, vipers, more than 40 species of fishes and a profusion of butterflies, such as the spectacular Rajah Brooke, can be seen, as well as more than 120 species of mammals including 10 species of primates. Notably, the Conservation Area and its surrounding are an important habitat for orang hutan and, due in part to minimal hunting pressure , is particularly rich in other large mammals including the Bornean pygmy elephant, banteng, Malayan sun bear, clouded leopard, bearded pig and five species of deer. Danum Valley also provides one of the last refuges in Sabah for the critically endangered Sumatran rhino. Bird diversity is very high and over 300 species of bird have been recorded, including the Bulwer's pheasant, seven species of pittas, the Borneo Bristlehead and all eight species of hornbill found in Borneo.

1st Day
Pickup at Lahad Datu Hotel or airport and transfer to Danum Vally Conservation Area (DVCA).

Visit and learn about forest regeneration, seedling growing techniques, experience the pristine ambience of the rainforest.

Enjoy lunch at at the lodge.

Arrive and register at DVCA reception & information building, followed by tour of the exhibition gallery.

Afternoon trek.

Dinner served at at the lodge.

“Night Drive” to observe nocturnal wildlife (if weather premits) OR video show on Danum Valley.

Overnight at Danum Valley Field Centre, Danum Valley.

2nd Day
Breakfast served at resthouse dining hall.

Jungle trek.

Lunch at the lodge.

Afternoon jungle trek.

Dinner served at the lodge.

Night walk to observe nocturnal wildlife (if weather premits).

Overnight at Danum Valley Field Centre, Danum Valley.

Overnight at Danum Valley Field Centre, Danum Valley.

Overnight at Danum Valley Field Centre, Danum Valley.

3rd Day
Breakfast at the lodge. Free and leisure time.

Lunch at the lodge.

Check out and depart for Lahad Datu Town or airport.

Warm Remind
Recommend to bring: raincoat (wet season Nov – Feb), cap/hat, insect repellent, sun cream, good walking shoes, socks, comfortable cotton T-shirt with long or short pant, binocular, camera, personal medications.



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